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Coaches... Speakers.... Authors... Entrepreneurs...

Take a topic you know and love to talk about, now stir in some information products, and bake for 3 hours with love.

What do you have?

A proven recipe for earning $200-$12,000 in 3 hours flat.

(Professionals just like you are doing it every single day.

Keep reading to learn how...)


Dear Friend,

I'm sure there will be a few professional speakers, authors and experts who are going to read this letter and curse the ground I walk on for reavealing this information to the masses.


Because my 115+ page manual Speaking For Profit: How To Profitably Use The Platform To Make $200-$10,000 a Night Giving 3-Hour Seminars offers insight into a hush-hush world that normally only the savviest speakers know about.

Here's a glimpse into the enormous financial potential this world presents...

I once attended a 3-hour seminar given by Dottie Walters, author of Speak and Grow Rich. A wonderful woman, who was a calm, gentle speaker. At the end of her talk she directed a crowd of 30-40 people to the back of the room where she was selling her books, audio tapes, manuals, etc.                  

After standing on the sidelines, watching and calculating the sales, I estimate she took home about $5,000-$8,000 that night. And mind you, this was just one city of 3 she was scheduled to speak in.

Every year Dottie Walters presents a 3-day Magnificent Marketing Symposium featuring about a dozen authors, speakers, and marketing pro's. It costs $995-$1,995 to attend. And she generates up to 75 attendees.

The speakers there are permitted to sell their information products after their presentations. And sell they do.

I watched popular speaker and marketing consultant Dan Kennedy do about $15,000 easily after a ninety minute presentation. He sold tickets to his upcoming workshops, he sold books, he sold mega packages of his information products.

At the very same Magnificent Marketing Symposium I saw lesser known speakers earn $3,000-$5,000. (Yes, after a mere 90-minute presentation.)

Attendees think it's a 'Magnificent' event. But the speakers (at least the ones who have mastered BOR sales tatics) have a really good reason to call it Magnificent!

On a separate occassion I attended a 3-hour seminar given by a writer named Stacy Banner. Stacy only managed to herd her audience into $1,100 in sales that night. However this was just one night from her 10-day speaking tour.

She confided in me that by the end of her tour she expects to bring home $15,000-$20,000. In fact, she does these seminars twice a year. They allow her to be a stay-at-home mom, while only working a measly 20 days out of the year.


And if you think these success stories are reserved for top industry professionals, think again. It doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner to the craft of public speaking.

Have you always wanted to be a PAID speaker, but don't have enough experience to approach speakers bureaus? Are you lacking the all important speakers kit that bureaus require before they'll even acknowledge you?

Are you an infopreneur who wants a serious boost in profits, without having to contend with hundreds of competitors? Are you new to the field, and lacking the often needed name recognition to pull big sales?

Don't worry about that! You don't need a speakers bureau or a speakers kit to win this game. You don't have to be a bestselling author either.

The great thing about 3-hour quickie seminars is that they give you the power to build on the spot credibility.

People who don't know you from a hole in the wall will pay to hear you speak. Spoil them with reams of insider knowledge, and they'll bless you with cash on the spot for your products. It's as simple as that.

And if you're already an established speaker, author or expert on your proposed topic, even better.

You most likely already have a few information products to sell. Your name is probably known to followers in your niche. You can get started profiting from quickie seminars right away.


Giving quickie seminars offers a powerful benefit that very few businesses can rival.

It's called the Same-Day-Pay-Day.

(And yes, IT IS as yummy as it sounds!)

There are many ways to make money on and offline.

You can build an affiliate web site and promote other peoples products. You can sell stuff here on eBay. You can open your own store. You can bake and sell doggie desserts. Obviously there's no shortage of things to do.

But if you want big hunks of money NOW, presenting quickie seminars offers instant pay days that very few businesses are able to offer.

Let me give you a brief overview of how the quickie seminar system works...

  1. You choose a topic that you know and love, and wouldn't mind talking about for 3 hours. (Actually they're 50-minute spans, then you have a 10-minute break.) Almost any topic will do. Arts, photography, real estate, business, travel, writing, personal development, spirituality, computers, the Internet, and the list goes on.
  2. If you don't already have some, you'll create information products to sell to seminar attendees. (I have suggestions galore for doing this quickly. Don't worry, you won't be writing some 600-page tome!)
  3. Pitch your topic to a list of 14+ seminar companies that CONSTANTLY hire new speakers and experts. (These are US based companies only.) These companies provide the room, the audience, and they will actively promote your seminar. All you have to do is show up and do your thing. (Plus you will get paid for giving your seminar.)
  4. Present your seminar and sell your information products to the audience.


That's it!

As you can see it's not some long, drawn out process. You speak, and if you have information products you make money that very night.


Discover a tried and tested roadmap to help you get started doing quickie seminars. (The same roadmap that dozens of pro's use to fill their bank accounts FAST.)

Speaking For Profit: How To Profitably Use The Platform To Make $200-$10,000 a Night Giving 3-Hour Seminars is a no-frills, 115+ page manual that gives you the straight facts on using quickie seminars to boost your income.

Whether you're a wanna-be speaker who craves the opportunity to get out in front of a crowd AND get paid, a professional speaker who wants to supplement their income within venues that will welcome you with open arms, or an expert/infopreneur who's looking for a quick and relatively easy way to boost your income, this information will give you a super charged launch onto the road to success.

These are genuine insider details normally learned through trial and error, like--

  • Steps for choosing topics and titles that'll have prospects clamoring to attend your seminar. (Including an amazingly simple technique for persuading prospects to choose the winning title.)
  • 6 Niche topics that historically attract big spenders.
  • A simple 1,2,3 formula for creating your seminar outline.
  • Understanding why people buy information products at quickie seminars - and how to use this insight to create TOP selling products.
  • 10 types of common and UNcommon information products you can sell at your seminar. (This section is ideal if you're just starting out, and want your name on some products now, or if you're just plain starving for some new ideas.)
  • How to package your information products so that attendees want to buy your most expensive stuff.
  • How to get valuable products to sell at your seminar - at no cost. You get them for free, and sell them for whatever you want.
  • "Can't-Say-No" strategies for pricing your information products so that attendees are completely compelled to pull out their credit cards.
  • What's the best time to give out your order form for maximum sales? (Do you think it's at the beginning, middle or end of your seminar?) The answer and reason why may surprise you.
  • What you should ALWAYS put in your handout to make participants hungry to buy your products. (Very few speakers are utilizing this tactic!)
  • A proven profitable script you can use to take your seminar attendees from passive listeners to active buyers. (Plus a killer psychological tactic that clenches attendees like a bear trap, and darn near forces them to buy.)
  • Top 7 mistakes seminar leaders make when trying to sell their information products from the platform. (Commit these sins and go home a poor (literally), wimpering puppy!)
  • A third income stream for making money from your seminar, apart from ticket sales and information products. (And it won't require any selling on your part... attendees will simply hand over their money.)
  • How to accept credit cards, even if you don't have a merchant account. (No matter what, you MUST accept credit cards!)
  • 15 US Venues that are ALWAYS looking for seminar leaders. You'll see exactly what you need to get on the roster.
  • Simple ways to assure every available seat in your seminar has a warm butt firmly planted in it.
  • Tips used by the pro's for traveling the seminar circuit without breaking the bank. (Learn how NOT to get your profits eaten up by insane travel expenses.) I guarantee you'll find each and every page of Speaking For Profit to be chock full of helpful information.

I don't waste your time with big margins or cutesy graphics. I promise to give you what you came for, in a clear, uninhibited manner.


Take 60-days to inspect the information. Rip it apart, get out there and put it to the test.

If after reading Speaking For Profit you don't genuinely feel like it's going to be of any benefit to you, simply request a refund, and you'll get your money back. No questions asked. No hassles.

I realize that not everything is for everybody. I just want you to be happy with the overall experience, so when you see my name again you'll won't cuss to high heaven.  ;-)

Is that fair enough?


Words From a Satisfied Reader...



I just wanted to write and tell you that your book is a classic example of finding a niche market in a profitable industry and doing a fine job of presenting what I call "Nuts and Bolts" information! I enjoyed reading it and I have quite a collection of reference material in this area. I found more than enough information in your book to justify the price and the links you provide will pay off many times over I am sure.

Thanks for doing such a great job and not only giving good information but providing a shining example of how to do the ebook thing right.

Terry Canfield

The "Doc of Talk!"

See why at:



Now I'm not a psychic, but I bet you're wondering how much this information costs...

Speaking For Profit: How To Profitably Use The Platform To Make $200-$10,000 a Night Giving 3-Hour Seminars is only $39.95.

And the reason why I say 'only' is because I've had to endure some serious torture to bring you these insider secrets.

In the past 6 years I've seen some terrible speakers, as well as some great ones. (More terrible than great, let me tell you!)

But the point is I had to sit through literally dozens of seminars - pen in hand, copiously taking notes - to see which speakers generated the greatest information product sales.

Now here's where the tortuous part comes into play... Some speakers (who shall remain nameless) had bad breath or body odors that mercilessly circulated through heated rooms, choking the very life out of me. Others were so incredibly boring that I had to make a habit of bringing a double espresso to all the seminars, because I wasn't sure who was going to make me doze off mid-way.

And still I forged on day after day - spending $29-$49 per seminar - to observe and learn what it took to create those coveted back-of-room sales.

If you want to know the secrets, you can surely do what I've done.

Or you can simply cut to the chase by ordering Speaking For Profit, where you'll get a concise report of what the very best speakers are doing to get their audience members worked up into a buying frenzy.

When you're finished reading it I know you'll agree that $39.95 is a reasonable price to ask for years (literally) of observation, distilled into 130+ pages.


Order today and you'll receive a bonus item

that you can actually use.

NO, I'm not going to load you up with 500+ e-books that you can resell at your seminar.

My goal is to give you tools you can genuinely use.

That's why you'll get a copy of How to Multiply Your Seminar Profits After You've Left the Platform.


This special report offers 5 different tactics you can use to make money from your seminar once it's over. Using this information can easily help you double or triple your seminar profits. (As you'll soon see, I'm all about working smarter, not harder!)

You'll discover...

  • How one coach turned his seminar into a program $495 program, AND he's getting paid $29-$49 in residual fee's. This idea is a slam dunk winner. I love it!
  • How to monetize on your seminar as soon as 2-3 days AFTER it's over.
  • One technique for making money from your seminar BEFORE you teach it to a live audience. Every seminar leader should use this one for the passive income it generates.
  • An easy-to-follow process that will help you get additional speaking, coaching jobs and newsletter subscribers from your audience. It's so easy, you'll be amazed.
  • An avenue where you can promote your information products starting today.


Order Speaking For Profit Now!

100% Safe and Secure.

I am a PayPal Verified merchant with more than 220+ transactions under my account.

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You'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the report!

No waiting.


No waiting for the mailman to misplace your copy of Speaking For Profit. You'll be able to download it only seconds after placing your order.

Speaking For Profit is a PDF document. So you'll need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to access the file.

But don't fret. Most computers that are 5 years old or less already come pre-installed with the Acrobat Reader. And if you need a copy, it's FREE. Download it from (http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html).

(Unfortunately WebTV users cannot access Acrobat files.)


There's only one way to win the crowds over...  get in front of them and speak your magic words!

This is one marketing and business segment that isn't oversaturated with a ton of competitors. (Now that's a rarity!)

Get started today and YOU can completely dominate your niche on the quickie seminar circuit.

But the only way to win this game is by getting out there and playing it.

Don't delay in ordering your copy of Speaking For Profit. It is the ultimate gameplan for speakers and entrepreneurs who want to profitably excel with quickie seminars.


Here's to your speaking success!

Alexis Dawes

Author, Speaking For Profit


P.S. - In case you're wondering, I just attended a Quickie Seminar in Washington DC, and saw a speaker pull thousands in back-of-the-room sales. So the techniques are still very much valid.


Copyright   Alexis Dawes   |   All rights reserved